Webstore Updates & Features

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New Login Page

Released: May 2024

As you may have noticed whilst browsing the website, we have updated and changed the login. Upon clicking 'Login', it will now take you to a login page opposed to before where it produced a pop-up window to login. You will still need to enter your username and password as normal to login.

Our aim is to improve the security of the website and provide a smoother shopping experience.

When you login, it will now redirect you back to the page you were on so you can continue your shopping journey. This will ensure you can be more time efficient when browsing through the website and get where you need to be quicker. For example, if you go to view a product that you are considering purchasing, you can now login and be re-directed back to that product and add it to your basket with ease.

Custom Website re-design

Released: December 2023

We have now launched our new layout for our FREE Custom Websites. This has provided an upgrade of the homepage and product pages in the same layout as our own website.
The homepage now consists of your logo in the top left corner and a link back to your main website on the right (if applicable), as well as including an email address for your customers to contact you.

New additions also include:

  • Full screen slideshow advertising new styles and brands within the site
  • A footer which includes your customer logo and business name
  • Use of our filtering panel to find the perfect style
  • Our new Product Page redesign for ease of viewing
Your customers can still search via menus in the navigation bar as normal, as well as search for specific keywords or product codes from the search bar in the middle of the header. As always, you can customise the colours, your logo, pricing and stock levels within the site and give your customers the ability to search through BTC products under your company name.
If you're interested in a FREE custom website, you can find out more information and request one from our Custom Website Page.

Product Page re-design

Released: November 2023

We have updated the layout of our product page to ensure that all relevant data is immediately on view and accessible, improving user experience and reducing the number of clicks and scrolls needed to source the most relevant information.
Our goal has been to increase the product information 'above the scroll' reacting to key customer feedback, providing you with the information you need to see quicker.

  • Our share button has moved to the top right so you can easily share products via social media, email or via a link.
  • We have re-arranged the core product data, so it is more visible at the top of the page, without scrolling.
  • Product features now appear above the colour palette, no need to click to view.
  • Alternatives are now permanently on view and not hidden under an accordion menu with Related Styles & Accreditations docked alongside.
  • The size guide is now featured on the main page, without needing to click through to the attachment.

Download product data for eCommerce platforms

Released: October 2023

Knowing how key Data is to your business, we have made an addition to the webstore to make this process quicker and easier through providing you with ready-made exports for you to bulk import into your eCommerce Platforms in a click of a button. You will find downloads for the most popular platforms we receive requests for including Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify.

Download an export file and save yourself precious time updating your website and PO systems with the latest products and prices ensuring good data is going in, and good data is going out to your customers.

These exports you can now download from our product data webstore page . If you are using a different eCommerce platform or have a bespoke system, please do contact us and we may be able to help by exporting our product data in the format you require, or take a look at our BTC default export which you can customise to suit your needs.

Our new webstore product filters are now live

Released: August 2023

Filter by brand, product type, colour, size and even the label type to help narrow down your search to the perfect product. With 18 product filters you can browse the full BTC product range easily, adjusting the filters you select to pinpoint the perfect product for your requirements.

To use our product filters simply tick the features you would like your product to have (left hand panel below). The products shown will automatically update to your selected filters, to browse and select a product.

Start your search here.

Know exactly what you’re after? You can still use our menus and search bar as normal.

Product decorator update - new styles added!

Released: June 2023

We have updated our product decorator (powered by DecoNetwork), enabling on more of your favourite products. Using our Product Decorator tool, you can effortlessly create professional-grade mock-ups in a matter of minutes. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy for apparel decorators to bring their designs to life. Whether you need to showcase your latest t-shirt designs, embroidered logos, or custom prints, our mock-up generator has you covered.

It's very simple to use and can be emailed directly to your customer from your email with no reference to BTC.

My Account improvements now live

Released: March 2023

We have made some major improvements to our My Account, starting with our NEW dashboard (below) which gives you all the quick links and data you need regarding your account. As well as improved dashboard you will notice we now have invoices and credits available to download in PDF format, with easy search functionality. Search by date range, sales order number, invoice number or your reference, allowing you to get the data you need quickly.

Next due in date visible on order sheet

Released: November 2022

See an item you want but it has 10 items or less in stock? Hover over the stock level number to show our next stock due in date. If you are using a mobile, please click onto the stock level to view due date.

View products in bestseller order

Released: March 2022

Would you like an industry insight into what products are trending? Our result listing pages now sort the products in bestselling order with more products being displayed from the start... giving you better visibility of the current industry favourites.