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There are also many 'off-the-shelf' platforms and business systems, please see information below. We can assist by exporting product data in the format you require for your chosen platform.

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Why BTC recommends a Webshop?

  • An online sales channel in addition to telephone, shop etc
  • Improve cash flow with online payments through your payment gateway (e-Commerce webshop)
  • Ability to incorporate whichever products you wish into your store. e.g If you do not want to sell babywear, you can exclude these products. If you do want to sell pens or coffee mugs in your webstore you can add them
  • Webshops are relatively low maintenance once setup, meaning that you do not have to process plain garment orders on behalf of customers. Your customers ‘self-serve’ online
  • You may send your orders to BTC electronically (Electronic Ordering) and do not need to re-key them
Web Shop Support
  • Setting up an Webshop:

    For a complete business system including a Webshop we would recommend;

    • DecoNetwork - DecoNetwork specialise in e-Commerce webstores for the print and embroidery industry. BTC product data is pre-loaded, but gives great flexibility in customisation, switching off products you don’t wish to sell, etc. DecoNetwork also has an inbuilt product decorator and live ordering / EDI

    Please visit DecoNetwork for further details - mention BTC to learn about all integration options to streamline your business.

    There are also many 'off-the-shelf' platforms. Please see below list;

    • WordPress - WordPress is one of the industry leading website platforms which can be tailored with plugins to suit your needs. Popular plugins for e-commerce capabilities are;
    • Prima Software - Prima offers software solutions for Clothing and Office Supplies. BTC product data is pre-loaded
    • Etrader - Purpose built, websites for garment decorators. BTC product data is pre-loaded
    • Shopify
    • EKM
    • Magento Commerce
    • Amazon Seller Central

    You should shop around as there is plenty of competition in this area. Most platforms have demo stores available to view and sometimes allow a 30-day ‘no obligation’ trial. Please see our FAQs for things to look out for.

    As a final option you may wish to use a software supplier or developer, who will build your website from scratch, this will give you control over the ‘look and feel’ and content of your Webshop as opposed to using a ‘ready-made’ template. This can potentially be more expensive and developer day-rates can vary.

  • What is e-Commerce?

    A e-Commerce website is the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the internet and is often referred to as an ‘online sales channel’.

    All e-Commerce stores consist of the following key elements:

    1. Web pages - to display ‘front end’ content to the user e.g. sales text, adverts, product images, etc
    2. A product catalogue (database) - including all items for sale in that e-Commerce store
    3. A payment gateway (checkout) - for users to pay for goods ordered online e.g. Paypal, VISA debit

    For your Webshop to be e-Commerce you will need to add a payment gateway or PSP (Payment Service Provider). Here are some providers:

    • Stripe
    • WorldPay
    • Sage Pay
    • PayPal
  • FAQs

    • Can BTC product data be exported in different formats?

      Yes, we can export our product data in specific formats for platforms. To request this please contact your account manager, with your platform’s details, sample 'bulk upload' file and supporting documentation.

    • How do I build a website with BTC products?

      You may need to involve a 3rd party supplier/ developer to build your Webshop, alternatively there are many 'off-the-shelf' platforms which can be used. Please see 'Setting up an Webshop' section above.

    • What is the difference between an Webshop and a BTC custom website?

      Custom websites are a free online ‘micro-site’ which BTC can create. The custom website can be customised with branding, stock levels and pricing.

      Unlike an Webshop/ e-Commerce website the custom website does not have a basket/ transactional journey where end users can place orders. A Custom Website also doesn’t offer the possibility to remove certain brands, categories or products - it contains the whole BTC catalogue (minus the decoration supplies section).

      Please visit Custom Websites for further details.

    • What should I look out for when choosing an ‘off-the-shelf’ Webshop provider?
      • Cost of domain / hosting
      • Cost of store itself – free open source / monthly cost / one-off cost
      • Cost of transactions and payment merchants
      • Number of products allowed in the web store, as fees may vary based on quantity
      • Product upload facility e.g. bulk upload from file or manual input only
      • Payment gateways supported e.g. Stripe, WorldPay, Sage Pay, PayPal, etc
      • Payment methods excepted e.g VISA, PayPal, Mastercard, etc
      • Front-end customisation options also known as ‘re-skinning’
      • Product decorator if of interest
      • Order management ‘dashboards’ and order file download options
      • Administration options – shipping, VAT, returns, etc
      • Technical support services
      • Other features such as discount codes, marketing emails, etc. If not currently of interest they maybe in the future

      Typically, payment for the service is via annual subscriptions, transaction fees and number of products available for sale. This however varies and should be confirmed before signing-up.

    • Where can I get BTC product Data?

      Please see Product Data or email websupport@btcactivewear.co.uk with details of the platform you are using.