Custom Website

Team BTC can set up a Custom Website featuring your branding, company details and all our brands & products.

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  • Customisation options:

    • Preferred logo and company branding e.g. based upon the main company website
    • Contact details
    • Real time stock level display, which can be capped if required
    • Purchase instructions text (two lines available)
    • Bespoke pages for contact or company details
    • Product pricing; unpriced, priced by single markup percentage, RRP
    • Link back to any website

    For convenience we offer RRP's, using our tried-and-tested price calculator, please see below.

    Garments up to the trade price value of:
    3 Qty Breaks £2.00 £5.00 £10.00 £20.00 £40.00 £41+
    1 – 49 175% 125% 100% 75% 50% 40%
    50 – 99 165% 115% 90% 70% 45% 35%
    100 + 155% 105% 80% 65% 40% 30%
  • How does it help?

    Custom Websites are an ideal starting point for customers who do not have any online presence and would like to showcase the whole BTC range. You can quickly offer a branded micro-website to your customers without requiring new website development or incurring significant development costs. If you are looking for a full e-Commerce website where customers can purchase and order items please see our e-Commerce section below.

  • Webshop / e-Commerce website:

    What is a Webshop e-Commerce website?

    A Webshop or e-Commerce website is the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the internet and is often referred to as an ‘online sales channel’.

    Setting up an Webshop:

    There are two options. The first is to use a software supplier or developer, who will build your website from scratch, this will give you control over the ‘look and feel’ and content of your website as opposed to using a ‘ready-made’ template. This can potentially be more expensive and developer day-rates can vary.

    Alternatively, you may use an 'off-the-shelf' platform. Please see below list;

    • DecoNetwork - DecoNetwork specialise in e-Commerce webstores for the print and embroidery industry. BTC product data is pre-loaded, but gives great flexibility in customisation, switching of products you don’t wish to sell, etc. DecoNetwork also has an inbuilt product decorator and live ordering / EDI
    • WordPress - WordPress is one of the industry leading website platforms which can be tailored with plugins to suit your needs. Popular plugins for e-commerce capabilities are;
    • Prima Software - Prima offers software solutions for Clothing and Office Supplies. BTC product data is pre-loaded
    • Etrader - Purpose built, websites for garment decorators. BTC product data is pre-loaded
    • Shopify
    • EKM
    • Magento Commerce
    • Amazon Seller Central

    You should shop around as there is plenty of competition in this area. Most platforms have demo stores available to view and sometimes allow a 30-day ‘no obligation’ trial. Please see our FAQs for things to look out for.

    How can BTC help?

    We can provide all the components found on the BTC webstore to you. This data can then be incorporated into our own Webshop, please see Product Data for further details.

  • FAQs

    • Can I add other products i.e. mugs and pens?

      Custom websites are constrained by the fact that you are only able to display BTC products. You are not able to incorporate other product types (pens, mugs, umbrellas etc).

    • Can my customers buy through my Custom website?

      Custom Websites are not e-Commerce stores. Whilst ‘contact’ options are provided there is no ‘go to checkout’ function at present. If you are looking for a full e-Commerce website please see Product Data.

    • How can I add a Custom Website to my existing website?

      Custom websites can be embedded into a page on your existing website (using an iframe) or by adding a button/link.

    • Can I choose my domain/ URL?

      Custom websites can be placed onto a domain/URL. e.g By requesting ‘masked web forwarding’ once a domain is purchased, providing the URL. ( OR