Stock Level Integration

BTC stock level integration means your Purchase Ordering System or Website will be able to display up to date stock levels.

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What is Stock Level Integration?

Integrating stock levels will ensure orders placed by end users can be fulfilled and improves the overall experience for you and the user.

The same service can be used to pull our list prices for integration.

We currently have two integration methods, please see CSV and SOAP below.

Stock Integration
  • Stock Level Integration - CSV

    A CSV spreadsheet which can be found in your FTP product data access at the following location. Web Data > stock_levels_stock_id_fully_quoted.csv

    The CSV file contains two columns of data, the first column, column A contains the product SKU/ stock_id which is the unique reference number for a product in a particular colour and size. e.g 2000 Gildan Ultra Cotton™ Adult T-Shirt - White - Medium. The second column, column B contains the ‘free stock’ amount. This is the stock amount we have at our Distribution Centre.

    The CSV file is updated every 5 minutes.

    The file will allow you to import or create a form of ‘look-up’ to update your Purchase Ordering System/ Website with stock levels.

  • Stock Level Integration - SOAP

    A web service is a ‘dialogue’ between 2 web servers where one web server (e.g. yours) requests information from another web server (e.g. BTC).

    This web dialogue is currently offered as a ‘SOAP’ web service. SOAP is a communications protocol that allows lots of different types of computer programs to “talk” to each other.

    BTC’s SOAP web service allows the following (example) dialogue to take place:

    Your Web Server - Request

    • Q1. How many of product code ‘61036’ Size: ‘M’
      Colour: ‘White’ do you currently have in stock?
    • Q2. What is my buying price for this item?
    • Q3. What is the product status?

    BTC’s Web Server - Response

    • A1. 554 currently held in stock

    • A2. £4.52 per item
    • A3. Current (not Outlet)

    You can display accurate ‘real time’ stock levels, pricing and product status information within your Purchase Ordering System/ Website.

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